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93 Who made Mary into a God? Was it the Catholics or the Protestants?

Leonard Alt  says: When you attend public worship, in the Mass you received Jesus body blood soul and divinity, not Mary or pagan deities. 

Gina Mae 'Gigi' Candelario ‎says: Leonard, with your answer above... it looks like it was not Catholic Church that I went to for 38 years of my life....maybe after all it was a Protestant church... how come I di...dn't know about it? 

Leonard Alt SAYS: Gina, the fact that you didn't know about it is proof to me that as the Protestants say accurately; there are a lot of ignorant Catholics out there who don't know their faith. My only problem with you, since you didn't know, is that you were too lazy to look it up and bought into the anti-Catholics hook line and sinker. The fact is the worship of Mary as God is Protestant teaching about Catholicism not to be confused with Catholic teaching. Nowhere in the 2,000 year history of the Church has the Church ever deified Mary or made her equal to God. All teachings about the deification of Mary in relation to the Catholic Church are coming from Protestant sources, not Catholic.