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Many feel the real presence of Jesus in a Catholic Church.

Denise Mullarkey says: I was raised as a Baptist, never told about the Real Presence, but even as a little child, when I entered a Catholic church, I knew somet...hing intrinsically holy was there. I felt a yearning in my chest for love that sat somewhere on that altar, someone yearned for my love. I never spoke to my parents about this. They were most anti-Catholic. Many years and many visits to Catholic churches for weddings, funerals, and other rites, I finally got active in a parish. It took me until I married to convert, but I did get married in that parish that became my home parish. I guess enough people don't slow down enough, find enough silence and open themselves to feel Jesus in the Eucharist.

Kathleen Carver says: I grew up attending the Assemblies of God. God blessed me with a wonderful Catholic husband. About six years ago, we started attending the Catholic church on a regular basis. I got confirmed four years ago. I always told my husband and the Priest that sometimes I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit during Mass. Sometimes the presence was so strong that I would begin to cry silently. I still am able to feel the presence. I never thought I would ever feel the presence in the Catholic church. Never say never. The presence is there and very real.

Robin Kuntz Spreitler says: I felt this presence the first time I attended mass, but what was even more profound to me was the "absence" I felt when I entered the sanctuary on Good Friday, and the tabernacle was open and empty, the candle wasn't burning. Such a sense of loss and sorrow.

Irene Maltezos says: I feel it most of the time. I have felt it in The Catholic Church and The Orthodox Church also.

Debbie Marie Hoheim-Zito says: Yes! I felt it in the adoration chapel before I was Catholic. I sat in front of Him and asked is it really you Lord? And it was.

Jonathan Sudduth says: My first experience in a Catholic Church was very similar to what these folks describe.

Anne Lindsay Graf Zadra says: I had three experiences in a Catholic church when I was young. My parents didn't attend church, but I always knew God was there, and real, somehow. I walked to a Christian church and was baptized by myself. My father had a co-worker who passed away, and we went to the funeral mass. I still remember the awe I felt. Then we were invited to a wedding at the same church not long after, and again, felt something real. I'm high school, the library club I belonged to traveled to University of Notes Dame in South Bend IN to visit the library, and also went into the church. That was when it REALLY but me, and I knelt down and prayed. I was not converted for many more years, but to this day, I have never forgotten that experience.

Char Vance says: Grandma, the devil is in the Catholic Church? Are you Catholic? “No”. I said well, why did you go in there? She said “there is something about a Catholic Church. Whenever I have something very important or very heavy on my heart, I like to go into a Catholic Church.” I said what? She said “because there is a certain presence in there.” My Lutheran grandma could feel the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=626_315IYAg

Kathleen Burton says: When my mom was a little girl she went inside a Catholic Church with one of her friends and loved it. She said she felt at home. Her friend told her she couldn’t receive the sacraments as she wasn’t catholic. From then on my mom had that spark of knowing Jesus in the Eucharist. When she met my daddy she knew she would be on her way to becoming a catholic. 5 years later she entered into the church. They were married 64 years; she passed with a rosary in her hands and her last words were God help me.

Chris Soh says: It was the same with my wife. She felt the Presence of the Lord the first time we brought her to church. She, who once swore she would never be a Christian, was converted. In her own words later, she said she just KNEW God is present there.

Mary Saleh says: As I had a great uncle and my grandfather who were converts to the Catholic Faith from the Lutheran Church, they often would say that even though it was by marriage to my grandmother and when my great uncle married my aunt, they always were very devout Catholics and their own families respected them very highly. My Grandfather often would say that when he attended Mass, he knew that he would be there in God's most Heavenly Presence and my Great Uncle was always determined to talk about his Catholic Faith and bring his Lutheran family members to Mass with him.

Blessing Lawrence says: A pastor comes to the Catholic church every morning before Mass when the blessed sacrament is exposed and kneel quietly to pray, then leaves just before the mass starts. One day a sister that knew him as a pastor and has been observing him approached him and asked him why he does come to the Church every morning to pray before the blessed sacrament. The pastor only told the sister that "if only you people know what you have, there is a supernatural power here, I come here every morning to get some power to help me ran my ministry"

James Von Estrada says: I have also a born again friend told me that even he was a BA member he was often attended a holy mass because he felt the presence of GOD during host transformation.

Anthony Mark says: Hmmm, I Thought Am The Only one That Had This Experience, Well, I Saw The Lord In The Eucharist, I was 10yrs old. Then, I Weep At His Sight, I Think Nobody Is Seeing Him Then, he Seems To Be All Over The Church At The Mass. That Morning, I am Too Young To Speak.

Efionayi Oghomwen Anthonet says: I am a living proof. I've been a Baptist for over 25yrs and I ve criticize the Catholic Faith openly.So,when we ve a Catholic neighbour,i knew there was something different about her. When she invited me to Mass, although several times I ve decline I told her what I knew or ve heard about the Catholics. she laughed and laughed and told me that the way I can know the truth is to attend mass and Cathecumen. At first, everything was strange in my ears. I felt lost in all what they were doing during the Mass. But I noticed one thing, I felt an inner peace and the need that I belonged here. I became so inquisitive that after that, I was asking a lot of questions that really bothers me about the Catholic Faith. As I begin to attend the First Holy communion classes, my mind was beginning to see that all they have been saying about Catholics were never true in the first place. I thank God for the life of my neighbor who changed my orientation about Catholics. To God be the Glory, I am proudly Catholic any day any time.

Jeanie D'Amico: As a Pentecostal, I heard a lot of scary things about the Church but I refused to listen, I didn't want the negativity. But, since I converted, I've been blindsided by the hatred and lies about my beloved Church. My only explanation is that the devil doesn't like the Truth.

Leonard Alt says: This morning I was watching EWTN and on the Coming Home Network, Marcus Grodi interviewed Dr. Benjamin Wiker as he told of his journey to the Catholic faith. His wife at college had a number of Catholic friends and attended Mass with them. While at Mass, she felt the presence of Christ and this had a remarkable effect on her. Dr. Wiker was Methodist and this was his beginning into the Catholic Church.

This was a mystery to me. Can the Holy Spirit work in non-Catholics? The answer is absolutely yes, especially when it comes to Mass and Communion. A number of years ago, I was involved in a Charismatic prayer group. One young lady, who was not Catholic, made a statement that at the time puzzled me. She said, “there is just such a presence in a Catholic Church.” I found the statement to be interesting, but didn’t think much more about it. And then about six months later, an older man, non-Catholic said the same thing, “there is just such a presence a Catholic Church." What I found interesting about this guy is that he had some anti-Catholic sentiments and so he wasn't favorably disposed to the Catholic Church and yet he admitted to experiencing a real presence there.

With two people experiencing the same thing, now this caught my attention. Are these people being given a special grace to experience something that we take for granted through faith? The other thing that I found striking is that the two were not coming from the same non-Catholic back grounds and yet were using the same language, to express what they experienced. They called it a presence. Then I realized that they must be experiencing the real presence of Jesus in the consecrated hosts in the tabernacle.

Since then, I have heard and read of many people who had this same experience and because of it they became Catholic. And so my Catholic friends please invite your Protestant friends to Mass. Even if they have this experience, they may not tell you, just as Denise did not tell her parents when she had this experience.