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46. Does Scripture alone make one perfect as some would allege?

BILL ASKS: “How can scripture plus be considered good when only scripture is said to make one perfect?” 

LENNY SAYS: “The Bible doesn't say ‘Only Scripture is said to make one perfect!’  Bill, your statement is not in the Bible. In order to believe it, I would have to believe something not in the Bible; thus your statement is self-refuting.” 

Bill, this is your personal interpretation coming from your own tradition.  If all we needed was the “Bible alone” (Sola Scriptura) then it would not be necessary for you to give us your personal interpretation.  If “Bible alone” worked, all you would need to do is quote the Bible. 

The fact that you are quoting from your own personal interpretation, along with the Bible, is tacit admission that “Bible Alone” does not work. And so, Sola Scriptura, one of the major pillars of the Protestant Reformation, falls under its own weight.  I wonder why some people claim the “Bible Alone” and then make statements that are not in the Bible? 

The verse that is so frequently cited in an attempt to try to show Sola Scriptura is in 2 Timothy.   “All Scripture is inspired by God and is USEFUL  for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that one who belongs to God may be competent, equipped for every good work” (2 Tm 3:16).  Notice it says “Scripture is useful.”   It does not say Scripture ALONE is useful.   Bible Alone is self refuting because the moment you believe the Bible Alone, you now believe something not in the Bible. 

I had another person say to me, “but you don’t understand; you are not using my definition of Bible alone.”  I said, “okay, we will go with your definition of Bible Alone, but first show me your definition of Bible Alone in the Bible.”  This ended the conversation because his definition of Bible Alone is not in the Bible. 

Bill, you claim that Catholics believe in “Scripture plus” and in this you are correct because we believe in Scripture and the teaching Tradition of the Church and we admit it.  And you believe in Scripture plus your own tradition and don’t admit it.