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The Rosary Stopped Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Lisa Marie's post: At 3: 00 am on January 15 Ted Bundy entered the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and murdered two girls before heading off to search for more victims. "He had just murdered or fatally injured all the other girls in a college sorority house, and then entered another girls room -- but some unexplainable force made him stop, drop his weapon, and flee.The unnamed girl awoke to a man standing over her with a bat. When she opened her hands, Bundy looked at the rosary beads in them, and fled, notes another account; such is the power of our Mother’s protective mantle!"

This was related to a priest, Monsignor William Kerr, of Tallahassee, Florida, who was called by police to accompany them to the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University -- where the girl was found catatonic and in fact would only speak to the priest (who died in May of 2009). Monsignor in his turn had related it to a priest named Gabriel Gillen, OP.

When Monsignor Kerr approached the near-catatonic girl, she told him her grandmother had made her promise before going off to college for the first time that she would pray the Rosary every night before bed for protection, even if she fell asleep praying it -- which she had that night; thus, when he entered, the beads were still clutched in her hands.

Bundy eventually confessed to over thirty murders, although the actual total remains unknown, with estimates of twenty-six to over a hundred (the general figure set around 35). Typically, notes a web biography, "Bundy would bludgeon his victims, then strangle them to death," sometimes along with sexual assault.

"Ironically, when Ted Bundy was on death row, awaiting execution for his crimes, he asked Monsignor Kerr to serve as a spiritual counselor, and the priest took the opportunity to ask about that terrible night," notes the book's reference section. "Bundy explained that when he entered the girl's room, he had fully intended on murdering her; some mysterious power was preventing him."