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123 Sis.Lelila Roberts, Can you give me Scripture about rosary prayers?


The word Bible cannot be found inside the whole books of the Old and New Testaments...so as the word Rosary. But the prayers started with an APOSTLES CREED whose ending stated, "I believe in the Holy Spirit, The HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH, etc...". Also the Holy Rosary prayer is Biblical for it reflected from the Bible a...s follows: 

The JOYFUL Mysteries

(1) the Annunciation-----(Luke 1:8)

(2) the Visitation----- (Luke 1:41-42)

(3.) Birth of Jesus-------(Luke 2:7)

(4) the Presentation----(Luke 2:22-23)

(5) the Finding of Jesus in the Temple -----(Luke 2:46)


The LIGHT Mysteries

(1) the Baptism of Jesus--(Luke 1:10)

(2) the Wedding at Cana-(Jn.2:11)

(3)the Proclamation of God's Kingdom--(Mark 1:15)

(4) the Transfiguration---(Mat.17:2)

(5) Institution of the Eucharist---(Luke 22:19)


The SORROWFUL Mysteries

(1) The Agony in the Garden--(Luke22:44-45)

(2) the Scourging at the Pillar---(Jn.19:1)

(3) the Crowning with Thorns---(Mat.27:28-29)

(4)the Carrying of the Cross---(Jn.19:17)



The GLORIOUS Mysteries

(1)The Resurrection--(Mark16:6)

(2) the Ascensi¬on---(Mark16:19)

(3)Descent of The Holy Spirit--(Acts 2:4)

(4) the Assumption (Apocalypse 12:1)

(5) the Coronation---(Judith15:9-11)


SO IT IS BIBLICAL! This prayer cannot be Satanic as claimed by other religious sects or Pretenders!!! 

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