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Purgatory, one of RCC's invented teachings!

Chester Harrison

Chester Harrison claims that                                                                            Purgatory, [is]one of RCC's                                                                                        invented teachings! 

Is Purgatory truly the invention of the Catholic Church                                                                                                          and not in the Bible as Chester suggests? The concept                                                                                                              of Purgatory is in Catholic and Protestant Bibles, Old                                                                                                            and New Testaments.  The reason he believes that                                                                                                               Purgatory is not in the Bible is because his tradition                                                                                                          teaches him that Purgatory is not in there.  His tradition                                                                                                          further teaches him to negate all references to the Bible                                                                                                             that have to do with Purgatory. When Catholics bring                                                                                                     up Bible verses that have to do with the Purgatory,                                                                                                               some will claim Bible Alone and attempt to explain                                                                                                                   these verses away. The interesting thing about these                                                                                                              non-Catholic understandings is that they are coming                                                                                                            from their tradition and are in violation of their own                                                                                                             Bible Alone concept.  There are a lot of very bright                                                                                                        Evangelicals out there and when they see that Bible                                                                                                             Alone fails, they often times become Catholic.                                                                                         http://catholicmilwaukee.com/purgatory--will-you-show-me-where-it-is--.html