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45. Why did Protestant Biblical societies begin to remove books of the bible after 1825?

The Church never approved apocrypha books, because apocrypha means false and the Church would never approve false books.   What Protestants call apocrypha; Catholics call Deuterocanonical.  The Deuterocanonical books were in the Greek Bible 100 years before Christ.  They were not put in the Bible at the council of Trent 1546 as some would allege.  ... The entire Canon was determined at the councils of Hippo 393 and Carthage 397 and yes the Deuterocanonical books were listed at that time.  The Church did not add books to the Bible and Protestants did not remove them.   These books were in the earliest Protestant Bibles.  They were in Luther’s Bible and in the earliest 1611 version of the King James Bible, which I have a copy.   Some Protestant Bibles are still in print with the Deuterocanical books in them. 

These books were not removed until Protestant Biblical societies began to remove them in 1825 and they were still in the larger Protestant pulpit Bibles till the end of the 19th century.    Anyone can pick up a copy of the original 1611 King James Bible and you will see these books are in there.   The question is not, why did the Catholic Church add these books at the Council of Trent 1546, but why did Protestant Biblical societies begin to remove them in 1825?  And if these books are truly false (apocrypha) books as some would allege, why did Protestants leave them in their Bibles till 1825?  I have yet to have anyone answer these questions.