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LENNY SAYS: Morton, you are correct; Mary is not a goddess.  However, she is the mother of God and His name is Jesus.  Mary as a goddess is coming from your man-made tradition, not to be confused with Catholic or Biblical teaching.  Jesus does not ignore his mother as many do today.  

When Mary said "Do whatever He tells you,” Jesus did not ignore her.  He cared about what she said and we should care about what she says today.   

To honor the mother is to honor the son.   The 4th commandment says honor your father and mother.  Jesus, in following this commandment honored and OBEYED her according to the Bible; “He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was OBEDIENT to them; and his mother kept all these things in her heart” (Lk 2:51).  If Jesus obeyed His mother Mary, we should imitate Jesus and obey her as well.  When Mary says to the wedding party "Do what ever he tells you," we should listen to Mary and do whatever Jesus tells us too.   

Mary is not the adversary of Jesus as some would suggest.  And there are many who are taught a tradition that either ignores her or explains her away.   The Bible does not ignore her; Jesus did not ignore her and Rod you should not ignore her.  After all she was the one who said about her Son “Do whatever He tells you.”  Are you going to say “Who cares what Mary says,” when she says “Do whatever He [Jesus] tells you?  It is only people who do not know their Bible who put Mary at Odds   with Jesus. 

  • If Jesus honors her shouldn’t we do likewise? 
  • If Jesus OBEYED her shouldn’t we obey her? 
  • If Mary tells us to do whatever Jesus tells us to, shouldn't we obey Mary in this.
  • If Mary is not the adversary of Jesus; should we be her adversary?

Jesus, (at the wedding feast of Cana) worked his first public miracle at the request of Mary.  If Jesus did not ignore her request, should we ignore the requests of Mary to turn to her Son?   Should we imitate Jesus when he honored and obeyed his mother or should we imitate some man-made tradition which sees Mary as taking away from Jesus?  Satan as adversary is Biblical; Mary as adversary is not Biblical.