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12. Is the Bible Catholic? Does Catholic teaching rob God of the glory?

John says yes; Lenny says no! What do you say? 

JOHN CHRISHAM SR. SAYS: Catholic teachings rob God of the glory He alone deserves for saving us. The Catholic faith steals grace and makes it law.

LENNY ALT SAYS: John, you are a little lacking in history. The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Jesus and the apostles. In the year 110, Ignatius of Antioch called the Church, Catholic and the name stuck. The bible that you read is directly or indirectly translated from Catholic manuscripts, hand written by Catholic monks, in a room called a scriptorium. 

It was not fully determined until the end of the fourth century the entire Biblical Canon and yes it was determined in a Catholic council by Catholic bishops. If you wish to get rid of all Catholic trappings you will have to throw out your Bible because of its Catholic connection. The Catholic Church did not rob God of any Glory by determining the Canon of Scripture.  The very fact that the the Bible (or at least most of it) survived the Protestant Reformation is proof that Protestants did not destroy all Catholic teaching. 

By the way, in what year was your church first called “River of Life Alliance Church?” John, have a great day! God bless you!