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23. Why do people ignore the parts of the Bible having to do with the authority of the Church?

Bob, in putting the Church against the Bible you are involved in a false dichotomy.  I have run into this quite a number of times and a convert to Catholicism explained this to me.  There is a tendency in Evangelical Christianity to put one good thing against other.  It must be Mary or Jesus not both.  It must be faith or good works done in love no...t both.  And so the idea is to pick one or the other.  What's it going to be?  

If it is the Church, it is not the Bible.  If it is Bible, it is not the Church.   This is false, both the Church and the Bible are in the Bible and so there is not a contradiction.  Both are true.   People who pick the Bible while denying the authority of the Church are ignoring the verses of the Bible having to do with the authority of the Church.  If you believe the Bible fully you have to believe both.   And if you are in a partial Bible believing church, then you should join the Catholic Church where they believe the whole Bible.