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One person says, “the Church isn’t an ORGANIZED system.”

Mwanyika says, "the church isn’t an ORGANIZED system."  Mwanyika, the Catholic Church founded by Jesus is ORGANIZED.  You are right in the sense that the 38,000 contradictory Protestant denominations, and non-denominations, sects and other groups  are very UNORGANIZED.   This theological anarchy, with every one being their own pope, is why there is such disunity in the Protestant experiment.  

Every time I hear someone say the Church is not an ORGANIZED system, I realize this is always coming from a non-Catholic source.   And coming from their perspective it makes complete sense.  With tens of thousands of contradictory theologies all claiming to be Biblical, this is very DISORGANIZED and not one system at all.    

However, from a Catholic and Biblical perspective, there is "ONE flock, ONE shepherd (Jn 10:16); ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God & Father (Eph 4:3-6); In Christ we though many, form ONE body” (Rom 12:5). 

If the Catholic Church is not that ONE faith then which ONE of the Protestants churches is it?