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26. If the Bible alone is enough then why do ministers at the pulpit explain the Bible?

In my discussion with others on Sola Scriptura (Bible alone), it became even clearer to me that the Bible alone is not reasonable or practical, or even in the Bible.   I realized that the very best argument for Sola Scriptura actually refutes Sola Scriptura, because the argument is not in the Bible and thus violates Sola Scriptura.  If the Bible al...one was enough, then any pastor giving a sermon would only quote the Bible, but in fact they don’t.  They explain the Bible.   The moment that they do this they are violating Sola Scriptura because they are believing their own interpretation and teaching it. 

Furthermore, the Apostles and disciples did not believe in the "Bible Alone."  For example, the Ethiopian Eunuch, who was reading in in the Acts of the Apostles, asked Phillip for some instruction.    Phillip didn’t say, you don’t need my interpretation; you can read the Bible alone and figure it out for yourself.  He explained the Bible to him.   And so the Bible alone fails one more time because you need an  interpreter to explain it.   “Philip ran up and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and said, ‘Do you understand what you are reading?’  He replied, ‘How can I, unless someone instructs me?’  So he invited Philip to get in and sit with him” (Acts 8:30-31).  

In Acts 15, the issue of circumcision for salvation came up.  If the Bible alone was enough, Paul could have just consulted the Scripture alone, but he didn’t.  He went up to the Apostles and presbyters and consulted with them.  And you might cry unfair and say Paul couldn’t have consulted with the Bible alone, because the New Testament Bible was not yet in existence.   This is correct.  And this is another reason the Apostles and disciples could not have believed in Sola Scriptura. 

For the myriad of contradictory theologies, you always have people willing to explain why they believe what they believe.  Why do they explain their position and not just quote the Bible?  It is because the Bible alone is not enough.   Everybody is coming from a particular tradition.  Some people honestly admit it.  Others deny that they even have a tradition.