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Baptists Drink! Racism, Southern Baptists and the KKK!

While at work, a Baptist was getting after me because Catholics do not prohibit drinking. I tried to explain in a nice way, that drinking, not to excess, was not prohibited in the Bible. I was not making any headway and was becoming frustrated. And so in my frustration, I emphatically said two words BAPTISTS DRINK!  And he backed down and actually agreed with me.  He further added that he had a friend who is a Baptist minister and this man was an alcoholic! This is the problem with talking down to other people's churches; sometimes it really comes home.

On another occasion I was talking to a person who was speaking against any and all drinking.  She was ex-Catholic and attending a Baptist Church in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin.   She asked the question, if a lot of drinking (drunkenness) is sin then wouldn’t drinking a little alcohol also be sin? I then told her that if her logic held true, then she should stop eating.  If eating food to excess is gluttony, then eating a little food would also be wrong. She had no response.

The Baptist Church, that she was a part of, spoke against being unequally yoked.  To them unequally yoked meant marrying outside your race.  Blacks only marry blacks and whites only marry whites.   If there was intermarriage that was considered to be, unequally yoked.  The interesting thing about this is that her child’s father was black and so her child is both black and white and so who does her child marry?    Any Church can have someone who is racist; however, when racism becomes a part of that church's teaching, that church is racist.  In more recent years, I have seen her worshiping in the Catholic Church.  I wonder how that happened?

Today there is a new move among Baptist churches, and that is dropping the word Baptist from their name.  The reason seems to be because of negative history associated with Baptist Churches.  Their heresy was racism, and this heresy ran deep within them.  Church History: The Racist Heresy in Southern Baptist church's http://www.timothypauljones.com/church-history-southern-baptist-slavery-racism/.  

The hierarchy of the Ku Klux Klan was drawn exclusively from the hierarchy of the white Southern Baptist church. There were no Catholics, Jews or Jehovah's Witnesses in the Klan.  Jesse Johnson, https://www.face-book.com/JesseJohnsonfan/posts/10150974410596224   

The Southern Baptist Convention was born in 1845 in a split over its support of slavery, a stance its leadership didn’t formally apologize for until 1995.  Southern Baptists Address Church’s Racist Past, Focus On Reconciliation,

These Baptists not only opposed the Catholic Church, but Jews and black people as well. Let me point out that racism is not apart of all Baptist churches, but only some and it is the reason for the split. with many Baptist churches opposing racism.  Yes, there are still Baptist churches that are racist; however, many have made a turn for the better.  In more recent years there are independant churches who avoid giving out the name of their local Church.  This is true even when you ask, although, I don't know why.  I suspect that they want to distance themselves from negative stereotypes associated with their previous denomination or non-denomination. Usually they are very anti-Catholic.  They don't like the word Protestant applied to them even though they identify more or less with at least some of the Protestant reformers.