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Child Sex abuse scandals Protestant Catholic & secular  by Leonard Alt

She asked me this question! “What’s the big deal in the Catholic Church, why are these child sex abuse scandals happening?” She didn’t have long to wait, about six months after asking this question, there was a child sex abuse scandal involving a youth minister, and seven boys in her own local Evangelical, Elmbrook Church.

On social media one Evangelical writes; "If the Catholic Church was the real church why do they permit priests and Bishops to molest children?" He never mentions the molestation of children by his own Evangelical ministers.  At my place of employment, an Evangelical colleague tells me how shocked he was about the sex abuse scandal going in the Catholic Church. I was left to wonder why he was not shocked about the huge child sex abuse scandal in his own Baptist Church, http://stopbaptistpredators.org/index.htm. A friend of mine left the Catholic Church for Evangelical Christianity. She asked me this question, “What’s the big deal in the Catholic Church, why are these sex abuse scandals happening?” And then of course a child sex abuse scandal happened in her Evangelical church. There was the Baptist acquaintance who was insistent that the single priesthood was responsible for sexual deviancy in the priesthood. Did she also believe that her single Baptist friends are sexual deviants, involved in abusing children, just because they are single? I am sitting in a restaurant reading a book on the Bible. A stranger (Lutheran) next to me engages me in conversation. And when he finds out that I am Catholic, he brings up the scandals in the Catholic Church. I asked him why he mentioned the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and didn't mention the child sex abuse scandals in non-Catholic Churches. I get my eyes checked for glasses and the doctor who is Lutheran asked me what I do. I told him that I am involved in defending the Catholic Church, it's called apologetics. Doing a take off from the word apologetics, he asked me if I apologize for the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. And I said, "no, I don't; I write in defense of the Church that Jesus founded." He was totally unaware of the child sex abuse problem going on in his own back yard in non-Catholic Christianity. I went to my dentist for a checkup. My dental hygienist said at lunch that day they were discussing the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. Because her background was Protestant, I asked her why the discussion was about the crisis in the Catholic world and not the child sex abuse crisis in the Protestant world. She never gave an answer to this.

This brings up several questions. Why are non-Catholics gloating over the scandals in the Catholic Church and ignoring the Child sex abuse scandals in their own churches.  Why is this often times the first thing that is mentioned the moment that someone finds out that I am Catholic?  If I did the same thing to them, wouldn't that be considered, ugly, nasty, and mean spirited.  Why are they confessing the sins of others rather than their own sex abuse sins.  Remember it was the Pharisees that confessed the sins of others (Lk 18:11-12). And why is there so much lack of information on the part of non-Catholics to their own child sex abuse scandals?  

When I said that non-Catholics are gloating over scandals of Catholics, I did mean it; they are. Here are the words of one Evangelical, Linda Fossen, Sept 27, 2013, who was victimized as a child and she warns Evangelicals not to gloat;

"I seriously warn evangelicals about gloating over the Catholic scandals because our day is coming and it isn’t going to be pretty when we see what has been swept under the rug for decades.

I am hard on the Evangelicals because most of the criticisms against the Catholic Church are coming from the Evangelicals.  On the other hand, I have just quoted an Evangelical who has the big picture.  Linda Fossen is not trashing the Catholic Church, she is not confessing the sins of others.  And she is not trashing her own Evangelical Church, but exposing things that are happening that are detrimental to the children of her Church and to the faith of many.  She is truly an Evangelical Christian who loves her church without any vendetta against other churches and she wants the issue to be dealt with in her Church.  She just doesn't happen to think that trashing the Catholic Church is an adequate way of dealing with the large child sex abuse problem in Evangelical churches. In my opinion, she is very much an angel of light in an otherwise very dark world and is an inspiration to us all.

Linda Fossen: “I am a survivor of 10 years of sexual abuse at the hands of my preacher father. I have now become an advocate for victims of abuse. For years I have been saying that when the full scope of the abuse within the evangelical church comes to light, the Catholics will pale in comparison. I have talked to thousands of abuse victims and it would shock you how many are preacher’s kids, missionary kids and kids who have grown up in evangelical homes. The problem with tracking these numbers is because the evangelicals don’t have the hierarchical system that the Catholics do. Abuse victims can’t take it ‘up the chain of command’ because so many of these churches have no accountability. I seriously warn evangelicals about gloating over the Catholic scandals because our day is coming and it isn’t going to be pretty when we see what has been swept under the rug for decades. God is cleaning his church and this is a day that I have long prayed for. May every pedophile and predator preacher be exposed and may our churches become safe havens for the brokenhearted.” 

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The word Catholic is spoken, & then the words sexual abuse come out:  I was eating in a restaurant in the Milwaukee area, while reading a book on how the Bible was put together.  A man (Missouri synod Lutheran) sitting across from me, seeing what I was reading, engaged me in a conversation on the Bible.  Once he found out that I was Catholic, he immediately brought up the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.  The fact that he brought this up surprised me and so I asked him, why as a non-Catholic, would he bring up sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and not bring up the large sex abuse scandals in the Protestant Churches, since that was his background?  

He appeared to be a little embarrassed!  His response was to name the secular media; “according to the liberal media, the Catholic Church was the only one who had this huge problem.” I didn't criticize him for not knowing about the huge sex abuse crisis going on in non-Catholic Christianity.  After all he got his information from the secular liberal media which over-reports the Catholic scandals and under-reports non-Catholic scandals, if they are even reported at all.  I further explained to him that according to the insurance companies that insure Christian churches, Evangelical and other non-Catholic churches have a large child sex abuse problem in their own ministries as well.

Michael Savage attacks the Church: Everyone seems to be getting in the act; for example the mighty Jewish talk show host Michael Savage got on the band wagon and lambasted the Church for their scandals.  It wasn’t long after that and one of his Jewish rabbis was picked up in a sting operation where he was caught on tape soliciting underage girls.  Interesting, I don't recall Michael bringing this up on his talk show and lambasting his Jewish leaders for their bad example.

Scandal in a local Evangelical church: I have been Catholic all my life and I have never actually been a member of a local Church where a child sex abuse scandal has happened; however, it certainly does happen.  A friend of mine left the Catholic Church for a very large Evangelical Church (Elmbrook) in the Milwaukee area.  She asked me this question!

“What’s the big deal in the Catholic Church, why are these child sex abuse scandals happening?

She didn’t have long to wait, about six months after asking this question, there was a child sex abuse scandal involving a youth minister, and seven boys in her own local Evangelical, Elmbrook Church.  My friend, in more recent years has ceased asking this question. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 5th, 1999 was quoted as saying “Any church -- any organization -- would have difficulty dealing with the overwhelming tragedy that has struck Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, where seven boys have said that youth minister Daniel Varga sexually abused them. As the investigation was beginning, Varga committed suicide."

If only priests could marry: My compliments to the press, the Journal Sentinel, who I would say gave Elmbrook very good and even compassionate coverage.  From the secular press in general if this happened in the Catholic Church, with their heavily non-Catholic bias, the press typically use this as an occasion to bash the Church.  You would hear things like “if only priests could marry, ” as though this was the solution to the problem.  

The youth minister at Elm brook was not single; He was married and yet, he was involved in a child sex abuse scandal.  Why didn’t the fact that he was married prevent his own child sex abuse problem.  There are many people who are antagonistic to the Catholic Church, who say “if only priests could marry."  They falsely see being married as a solution to child sex abuse and if priests were allowed to marry, this wouldn't be happening.  However, being married didn't prevent this Evangelical youth minister from being involved in child sex abuse.

Why is it that the moment a non-Catholic discovers that I am Catholic that often times the first thing that is brought up is the issue of these sex abuse allegations.   Why is this an okay way of talking to Catholics?  Upon meeting friends at Elmbrook, if I were to bring up the child sex abuse scandal that took place at the hands of their Evangelical youth minister, would that be okay?   No, it would not!  It would be a put down and a cheap shot.  And so why are non-Catholics making these cheap shots at Catholics in ordinary conversations.  Are they thinking that this is a way of Evangelizing Catholics by using a negative sales approach? This is so prevalent that I am of the opinion that this type of bad example is preached from the pulpit and is sanctioned by the very churches they belong too.

A Baptist acquaintance, very emphatically insisted that the single priesthood is responsible for sexual deviancy.  I tried to explain to her that people, who are single are not more prone to child sex abuse.  I was not making any headway, so I very emphatically said to her; 

"There is no way that you can convince me that your single Baptist friends are child sex perverts just because they are single and not married!" She had nothing further to say.  

It is interesting that many Protestants have embraced the notion that marriage prevents child sex abuse and the single life some how promotes it.  However, they never actually say where this flawed notion comes from.  They hear it from their non-Catholic pulpits and therefore it must be true. Never mind the fact that this type of reasoning is at odds with their Bible, and both Jesus and Paul.  Although they claim the Bible alone, they don't seem to know what is in it.  There are many Catholics who have been unfairly attacked by non-Catholics in the area of sex abuse.  Non-Catholics seem to mean well, but are so sadly mistaken.

Andrew Wubal writing on Facebook, comments on this.  "I was also attacked some years ago by a protestant friend over a news of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest by the media. He saw celebacy as a root cause and so I asked him about the two married protestant pastors who were caught in the act, one of which resulted in impregnating a teenage underage girl. All he could do was to stammer."

Were Jesus and Paul advocating celibacy or forced celibacy? Where does this idea of forced celibacy come from?  It comes from articles on any number of anti-Catholic sites on the Internet.  It is also heavily promoted by the secualar media.  Some of these articles allege that the reason for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is forced celibacy.  Forced celibacy is not in the teachings or practices of the Catholic Church or in the Bible; it is the invention of those non-Catholic people, who are antagonistic to the Catholic Church.  Celibacy is part of the teaching and practices of the Catholic Church and it is in the Bible; both Paul and Jesus spoke for it. Celibacy may be problematic for some; however, it wasn’t a problem for either Paul or Jesus. The Apostle Paul says,

“The one who marries his virgin will do well; the one who does not marry her will do better" (1 Cor 7:32-35, 38).  And it was Jesus who said that there are those who “have renounced marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mt 18:12).  

Jesus never referred to celibacy as forced celibacy and neither does the Catholic Church.  By calling celibacy “forced celibacy” the detractors of the Church are misrepresenting the Bible and Church teaching.  They then disagree, not with Catholic Church teaching and their Bible, but with their own misrepresentation of Catholic teaching, coming from their own tradition.  

At the same time there are many great minds and hearts in Evangelical Christianity who have grown weary of this intellectual dishonesty.  After doing their own research some of them end up in that very Catholic Church that they were once taught to hate.   They are reasoning that if it is necessary to misrepresent the Church in order to show how wrong it is, then maybe the Catholic Church is right after all. 

My Story: For more than 20 years, I would hear about all these sexual abuse allegations being put forth by the secular media against the Catholic Church. I would hear about scandals from the east to the west coast and even in Europe and other areas of the world.   The secular press was relentless in making sure the public knew all about these scandals.  And my non-Catholic and Evangelical friends were more than happy to bring this up, the moment that they discovered that I was Catholic.  When I would hear this, I was perplexed and like so many Catholics I didn't know what to say.  I had no answers. Why did the Catholic Church seemingly have this huge problem and other Christian and secular groups seemingly did not?

I later discovered that the Protestant arena had as large or larger child sex abuse problem among their clergy, according to the insurance companies that insure them.   And there was still a much larger sex abuse problem in the secular schools. 

After many years of my non-Catholic friends delightfully bringing up to me the latest priest scandal, this took it's tole on me. They were talking down to me and putting me in my place.  When I found out that the very people who were bringing this up, had as large and even larger child sex abuse scandals in there Evangelical Churches, I was angry.  And then I went through a period of time when I would really let them have it, either in person or in writing.  I was now putting them in their place.

On a couple of occasions, Catholics suggested to me that I might be a little over the top.  The person that did the most to helping me see through this was a Lutheran friend. He said, "you can catch more flies with honey, than with vinigar."  At first this had no impact on me whatever, but a year or so later, I began to see the truthfullness in his statement.  It is interesting on how truth does not go away, it just takes some time to ferment.  It was at this time that I began to speak the truth with out the angry retorts, and I came to peace.   

The secular press meets the truth with silence: I guess it just isn't newsworthy to report on the sex abuse crisis taking place in Evangelical and Protestant churches.  Why the silence on the part of the secular media? Here is part of an article written by Karen Stephenson, in April of 2010 and she does a good job of putting things in perspective.

"Mainstream media focuses on Catholic sex abuse scandals yet many denominations have clergy who sexually abuse. Sex abusers are in most faiths.

There is no shortage of news that reveals cases of sex abuse in the Catholic Church because mainstream media is diligently reporting these stories. However, there are other news stories that are just as serious and involve other faiths in which their clergy are sexually abusing children. For years, religious and victims’ rights organizations have been seeking church sex abuse data that includes all faiths, not just the Catholic. 

“The Catholic Church Sex Abuse Stats: Father Jonathan Morris is a Roman Catholic priest in New York City and he is also a news contributor for Fox News Channel. In a recent news story, Father Jonathon stated that heavy media scrutiny forced the Catholic Church to open the books on how many sex abuse cases there have been. Since 1950, 13,000 credible accusations were brought against Catholic priests; this averages 228 cases per year. 

Sex Abuse in Protestant Churches: Three insurance companies in the United States that provide liability coverage for 165,000 Protestant churches revealed data to the Associated Press that they typically receive 260 reports every year of children being sexually abused by Protestant clergy or other staff. 

If these are accurate, then on average, there are 32 more sex abuse cases per year in the non-Catholic churches. As Father Jonathan stated in his news story, “The mainstream media has all but ignored the recent Associated Press report.”   http://www.catholicmilwaukee.com/sex-abuse--not-just-catholic.html

Bill Donahue with the Catholic league comments: Even when it comes out that the child sex abuse problem may be as large or larger in the non-Catholic and secular arenas the media meets this information with silence; they don’t report it.  Bill Donahue with the Catholic League comments on this phenomena.

In the past five years, there has been an average of 7.6 credible accusations made annually against roughly 40,000 priests. There is no institution in the nation that can even come close to that proportion. But don't look for the media to report on this; it gets in the way of its contrived narrative. And don't look for Bill Maher to start going after other segments of the population where this problem is exploding. No, his pathological hatred of all things Catholic will not allow it. (Media ignores Abuse data, Catholic league, April 1, 2014).

The issue of child sexual molestation is deserving of serious scholarship. Too often, assumptions have been made that this problem is worse in the Catholic clergy than in other sectors of society. This report does not support this conclusion. Indeed, it shows that family members are the most likely to sexually molest a child. It also shows that the incidence of the sexual abuse of a minor is slightly higher among the Protestant clergy than among the Catholic clergy, and that it is significantly higher among public school teachers than among ministers and priests. (Sexual Abuse in Social Context: Clergy and Other Professionals February 23, 2004; Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights Pt. 2). 

Ex-Evangelicals speak about sex abuse in their previous churches. The first time I wrote about the issue of child sex abuse and the trashing of the Catholic Church, there were a number of Protestant converts to the Catholic Church who shared their experiences from their Evangelical backgrounds and based on their experiences they were cautioning Protestants against trashing the Catholic Church.  Speaking down to the Catholic Church can be a wedge to get people out of the Church and into one of the local Evangelical churches; however, what happens when that same ex-Catholic discovers child sex abuse in their local Protestant Church that they just joined?

Judith Beauford: She speaks about her past 10 years at her Baptist Church.  "One youth worker arrested for soliciting boys in the youth group for sex. An assistant pastor fired for embezzling money. Another assistant pastor fired for embezzling money, having an affair, and being an active drug abuser and alcoholic, (now on the Texas sex-offender list), another assistant pastor fired for having an affair and refusing to repent so he just started his own church. In 8 years as a Catholic I've seen no problems, but I have had regular training (every three years) on how to spot problems and report them.

Instead of pointing fingers and judging - the Protestants on this thread should be humbling themselves, looking to the Catholic Church for ideas for how to stop the problem. Because of the problems in the Catholic Church the Catholics have had to come up with solutions. Lots of Protestants (not all) are still hiding, pretending things are okay in their churches and they're not. So instead of using pedophilia as yet another anti-Catholic position, Protestants should be asking Catholics for help on how to solve the problem."

Glorie Rose: "I was just talking about this last night with my daughter. While I was growing up in Protestant churches, the church I was attending in Sacramento with my parents had a Sunday school teacher, on staff, who was molesting girls. Then my church in Nevada years later had our first youth pastor doing things with his infant children that I cannot even write out. A well-known judge in our area got him off the hook for it because the pastor of the church both the judge and molester were attending when he got caught were good friends with the judge. The pastor was so against divorce that he told the judge to get him off and encourage the wife to reconcile. He succeeded. The wife left and remarried.

Unfortunately because of this judge and protestant pastor, this child molester was set free and is remarried with more small children. I have some other stories of molestation within Protestant churches I attended but am not at liberty to share. In every congregation I attended, there were molesters. So, let us be sure to not point the finger. There are always three pointing right back at ourselves when we do that. Child molesters put themselves in positions in churches because Christians in general can be more trusting of their staff. Molesters know this, manipulate and place themselves in with children purposefully. It happens everywhere. Not just churches and not just Catholic churches."

David Buchanon: "I was Pentecostal as well Maryann and convergence in 2011. We had a church we were in fellowship with had one of its elders molest 3 young girls.  The pastor of the church called a meeting and locked the members of the congregation in the sanctuary and scolded them, telling them the children where liars and that he would not tolerate anyone saying anything about the pedophile.  The reason it was his son in law and he was the biggest tithe giver the sad part is to my knowledge all 3 of the girls now are atheists."

Should we be confessing the sins of others? Why are the antagonists confessing the sins of others and not their own sins? This is because there are some who are acting like modern day Pharisees pointing out the sin of others while not acknowledging their own sin.  “The Pharisee took up his position and spoke this prayer to himself,, ‘O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity—greedy, dishonest, adulterous –or even like this tax collector.  I fast twice a week, and I pay tithe on my whole income’” (Lk 18:11-12). 

But why do they confess the sins of others when Jesus spoke against this?   The answer is simple; they were using it as a negative recruiting tool to get people out of the Catholic Church and into the Evangelical Churches.  In fact one Baptist minister, Bart Breuer (ex-Catholic priest) said they wanted to convert all the Catholics they could get, and because of the scandal, the Church was now vulnerable. They have had some success in this as an Evangelizing recruiting tool.  

Why all the anger?  82% believe that Evangelicals are losing ground! When I bring up the Evangelical child sex abuse problem on social media, the response I often times get is extreme anger and a lot of name calling.  I am going to speculate on why I think people become angry when I present the sex abuse problem in perspective. 

For one thing, 82% of Evangelical ministers indicated that their movement was losing ground.  They have been using the scandal to shore up their own faltering numbers.   Over the past 20 years, these same groups have been relentlessly bringing up the sex abuse problem in the Catholic arena as a means of converting people to the Evangelical churches.  In some cases they can even give the percentage of Catholics converting to the Evangelical churches on the basis of scandals.  The message is simple, leave that bad Catholic Church and join our good Evangelical churches.

And then you have people like me, who explain to the whole world that Evangelicals and other Protestants as well have a very large child sex abuse problem.   Some of the Evangelicals may not know the truth about this and don't want to hear about it.  Others do know the truth and are in a state of denial.  And so they are angry because I am pointing out this denial and cover up in their Evangelical churches.  Now they are worried about losing numbers. I guess, I can't blame them for being angry with me.

What if you are ex-Catholic and you left the Catholic Church and joined the Evangelical movement because of the scandals in the Church?  And now, I bring up the fact of the scandal ridden Evangelical churches.  Are you angry with me; yes you are, because if I am right, you have joined another church under false pretenses.

What happens when these people, who join these churches finally realize the huge sex abuse problem in the non-Catholic churches?  Or worse still, what happens when they find out that the specific Evangelical church that they joined has a sex abuse scandal?  For those people who think that evangelizing Catholics from their faith on the basis of scandal is a good thing, I believe in the end they will be disappointed when the full truth is made known.

"In 2011 the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life polled church leaders from around the world. Evangelical ministers from the United States reported a greater loss of influence than church leaders from any other country — with some 82 percent indicating that their movement was losing ground...”

A warning to Catholics, don't become vindictive: When I expose the truth about the huge sex abuse scandals taking place in the Evangelical and other Protestant churches, people who don't want to hear it often times are involved in caustic name calling. I am tempted to respond the same way, but why should I even respond if I am going to speak in a less than kind way.  And so when the name calling begins, I see it as just so much chaff before the wind and ignore it.  I then speak to the issue, not the name calling.

One person even referred to my Catholic Church as "that filthy church" and according to this person, I had no right to say anything. I warn Catholics that even if someone is being mean spirited to you, do not be vindictive in return.  You only need to speak the truth because truth has power that will set us free and Jesus says this very thing. "If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (Jn 8:31-33).  But, what if someone does not accept the truth?  That is not your problem; that is between that person and God. You do not have to convince anybody of anything, just speak the truth and let God do the  convincing.  Once you have spoken the truth, let go of it!  Your job is completed.  I respond with the truth; some people can accept it, and some cannot and become angry.  God bless them either way.

Billy Graham's grandson exposes the truth about Evangelical sex abuse: I said before that I am hard on Evangelicals on this issue because there are so many of them who are unfairly trashing the Catholic Church on this issue.  At the same time, there are some wonderful Evangelicals out there who have a sense of humility and love for truth.   They are quite willing to talk about the sex abuse scandals in Evangelical churches and don’t have a need to trash other Churches in the process.  One of them happens to be Billy Graham’s grandson and this is what he reports.

“The Christian mission field “is a magnet” for sex abusers, Boz Tchividjian, a Liberty University law professor who investigates abuse said Thursday (Sept. 26) to a room of journalists. 

While comparing evangelicals to Catholics on abuse response, “I think we are worse,” he said at the Religion Newswriters Association conference. But it’s harder to track.

“Protestants can be very arrogant when pointing to Catholics,” said Tchividjian, a grandson of evangelist Billy Graham and executive director of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE), which has investigated sex abuse allegations.

Earlier this summer, GRACE spearheaded an online petition decrying the “silence” and “inattention” of evangelical leaders to sexual abuse in their churches.

Mission agencies, “where abuse is most prevalent, ” often don’t report abuse because they fear being tossed from countries, he said. Abusers will get sent home and might join another agency. Of known data from abuse cases, 25 percent are repeat cases.

Still, he says, he sees some positive movements among some Protestants. Bob Jones University has hired GRACE to investigate abuse allegations, a move that encourages Tchividjian, a former Florida prosecutor. ”That’s like the mothership of fundamentalism,” he said. His grandfather Billy Graham split with Bob Jones in a fundamentalist and evangelical division.

“The Protestant culture is defined by independence,” Tchividjian said. Evangelicals often frown upon transparency and accountability, he said, as many Protestants rely on Scripture more than religious leaders, compared to Catholics.

Abusers discourage whistle blowing by condemning gossip to try to keep people from reporting abuse, he said. Victims are also told to protect the reputation of Jesus.  Too many Protestant institutions have sacrificed souls in order to protect their institutions, he said. "We’ve got the gospels backwards,” he said.

Tchividjian said he is speaking with Pepperdine University, a Church of Christ school in California, about creating a national GRACE center.” 

Is bad example a reason not to be part of Christ's Church?  If so-called Christians discredit one another on the basis of scandals, they will be causing a spirit to smile; it just won’t be the Holy Spirit smiling!   How did Jesus deal with scandal and sin committed against Him?  Some trash the Church in the midst of the scandals; however, Jesus died for the Church in the midst of the scandals exhibited by His own Apostles.

A person, who I was working with at my place of employment said that he had not been to church since he was married, eighteen years prior.  He commented on the hypocrites in the Church and said; "nah, I don't need all that hypocrisy" and so he stopped going to Mass.  I mentioned to him that if bad example is a valid reason to leave the Church then Jesus should never have died for the Church, because Peter denied Jesus three times, lied and said that he didn't even know the Jesus.  Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and none of the Apostles except for John were present at His crucifixion.  And so if bad example is a reason not to be a part of the Church, then Jesus got it wrong and you have it  right. Using your logic Jesus should never have died for the Church, and yet He did. 

At first, he hesitated and was silent; then a little grin came over his face. He then said, "I never thought of it that way, I must have copped out!" He and his wife came back to the Church within weeks.   I was actually amazed at this wonderfully quick response.  Once he realized his faulty reasoning, he was able to make a change.  How many people can do that? If bad example is a legitimate reason not to be apart of the Church, founded by Jesus and the Apostles, then no one should be a part of any Christian Church. "All have sinned!"

There are some very wonderful Evangelicals out there: The not so good news is that there will probably always be some Evangelicals and others who will continue to bash the Church.  I would only say that during these moments where they are pointing out the sins of others, they are following the Pharisees who opposed Jesus (Lk 18:9-12).  And perhaps some day, they will be very blessed when they begin to follow the example of the tax collector, who confessed his own sin, "standing far off, would not even look up to heaven, but was beating his breast and saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’  Jesus responded, "I tell you, this man went down to his home justified rather than the other; for all who exalt themselves will be humbled, but all who humble themselves will be exalted” (Lk 18:13-14).

And then there is even more good news.  There are some very wonderful Evangelicals out there, who will have no part of bashing another church.  They have a sense of humility, a zeal for God and the Gospel, and they want to deal honestly with the sex abuse crisis in their own churches. 

The worst form of child abuse is abortion: Whether you are Protestant Catholic or secular, child sex abuse is a horrible crime. This article is an attempt to show the child sex abuse crisis in perspective.  At the same time, we should not forget the little children who have been severely harmed.  And it should also be noted that that the worst form of child abuse is the murder of unborn children through abortion.  It is the worst because the child is put to death. 

Jesus had a special love for children. He said, "Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Mt 19:14).  The disciples asked Jesus, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks! Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to the one by whom the stumbling block comes! Take care that you do not despise one of these little ones; for, I tell you, in heaven their angels continually see the face of my Father in heaven. (Mt 18: 2-10).  

“If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea.